Shadow-Caster LED Lighting is proud to present our new NMEA2000 Certified Lighting Controllers: the Light Commander Series.

The Light Commander Series will be the first NMEA2000 certified lighting controller to follow the newly released NMEA Lighting Standard.

Simrad and the other Navico brands will be the first industry partners to provide interface support for NMEA2000 Connectivity.



The Shadow-Caster® Light Commander SCM-LC is an NMEA2000 lighting control based on the newly published NMEA2000 lighting control standards. Utilization of NMEA2000 lighting standards enable “next level” implementation of lighting control and marine system integration and system interoperability.

The expandable SC-LC multi-zone lighting controller supports up to 6 zones of lighting per module with native support for 4 zones of RGB or RGBW lights. The lighting controller supports programs including multiple colour fade, music sync and colour rotation. The Light Commander comes in a fully sealed IP67 housing, with backlit logo design.

Key Features

  • NMEA2000 Backbone or MFD Network Port Connectivity
  • Global control for all lighting
  • Up to 6 separate zones of lighting control – expandable to 18 zones by connecting multiple units
  • 6 “Instant ON” switch inputs for enabling lights without MFD control
  • Support for RGB and RGBW lighting
  • Optional wireless connectivity for control from a mobile device
NMEA2000 Connection NMEA2000 Connectivity
SC-NET Network Interface
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity to support Shadow-Caster Mobile app
Expansion Module for 12 or 18 Zones
Pair with ZC Remote

Additional Features:

  • IP67 Water resistant rated housing with waterproof connections
  • Deutsch style IP67 rated connections, for clean OEM installations
  • All in one design, no need for a separate MFD communication bridge


Network Interface
To connect to your compatible MFD and utilize Shadow-Caster’s custom lighting interface to create lighting scenes, customize and name zones and assign devices to zones, use the SCM-LC-PLUS. Compatible with Garmin, Simrad, Lowrance, B&G, Raymarine, and Furuno.
NMEA2000 Connectivity
With the release of industry standardized NMEA2000 lighting control protocols, plug and play lighting controller compatibility is here. Simply connect to the NMEA2000 backbone with either the SCM-LC-N2K or SCM-LC-PLUS.
Mobile App Compatible
Use the SCM-LC-PLUS to utilize the Shadow-Caster® custom Android app to seamlessly switch control from your Network MFD, NMEA200 interface to your mobile device, create and manage your library of lighting scenes and lights.

Use Shadow-Caster®’s backlit Zone Controller keypad (SCM-ZC-REMOTE) with the SCM-LC-SCNET to instantly control 4 zones of lighting through a backlit keypad.

Shadow-Net® is a multi-channel communications platform created by Shadow-Caster® to allow seamless integration and control of all of your boat’s lighting.