The Shadow-Caster® Spreader Light SCM-SL is perfect for illuminating decks and other large areas of your boat or yacht. The flush mount version is great for mounting in T-Tops or use the bracket mount version to retrofit existing installations. The Shadow-Caster® Spreader Light has a unique reflector design which spreads the light beams out to reduce glare. The Spreader Light comes in black or white finish. It is available in 3 color output options: single color white, 2 color (white and blue) as well as a full color version. The brightness and color can be controlled with a standard switch.




  • Soft start technology ramps the brightness up gently over 2 seconds
  • Power toggle feature to set brightness and change color
  • True white LED for best color performance
  • Unique reflector design to reduce glare
  • High efficiency switch mode power supply
  • Waterproof low-profile aluminium housing
  • White or black finish
  • 2-Year Warranty


White, Blue & Red
3 color lights (white housing)
Full Color
12 colour light (black housing)
Full Color
12 colour light (white housing)
SCM-SLF-WBR-WH (flush mount)
SCM-SLB-WBR-WH (bracket mount)
SCM-SLF-CC-BK (flush mount)
SCM-SLB-CC-BK (bracket mount)
SCM-SLF-CC-WH (flush mount)
SCM-SLB-CC-WH (bracket mount)
Great White
1 colour light (white housing)
SCM-SLF-GW-WH (flush mount)
SCM-SLB-GW-WH (bracket mount)

Shadow-Net® is a multi-channel communications platform created by Shadow-Caster® to allow seamless integration and control of all of your boat’s lighting.